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Photographer in Bali

“Bali is a magic island that is not similar to any other island on the planet. It is often called as "The island of Gods"."

It is the combination of majestic temples and other sacred places, ocean and mountains, rice terraces and coconut palms, astounding volcanoes and deep lakes, amazing sunsets and sincere smiles of local people! It is hard to explain by words all the beauty of this wonderland lost in the ocean. That's why photographer services in Bali are popular and highly demanded. The internet is oversaturated by great photos of people having a vacation in Bali. But let me ask you a question: Are all of these photos are actually had been made right way in terms of quality of shot? No arguing that some photos might be good but only the professional photographer knows how to work with light, adjusting of a camera and make the right choice of the lens to make sure that your photos will look stunning!

Views of photo sessions in Bali.

Bali, it is a paradise for those who wants to have a rest and find entertainments which represented here in the widest assortment. But one out of the most popular were and always would remain photo sessions - weddings, romantic, family and individual. Let's review each one type of photo session in details:

Wedding photo sessions.

Weddings in Bali it is fairy-tale! And this fairy-tale must be unforgettable for you indeed! The wedding on Bali depicted by photographer always turning in the piece of Art!


The photo session for two sweethearts. The most romantic views of Bali island will open up to you! Among majestic temples, old monuments, on the wild beaches with irresistably attractive sea under the light of golden sun photographer will capture and preserve the tender feelings of the loving couple!

Individual photo sessions.

You can become a part of the beauty of Bali and perpetuate yourself with the help of photos. It is the very common wish of many people who have visited this paradise. Book a session with the professional photographer in Bali, and he will make the best shots for you in any style you can only imagine!

Family photo sessions.

If you had arrived on the island with your entire family do not skip the opportunity to replenish your family album with gorgeous shots on the background of exotic landscapes. Family photo sessions are conducted in the format of photo walk in many cases. This way you can combine photo session with excursion! When you choose the time for photo walk it is important to consider the daily regime of your entire family, especially if you have got the small kids. Photo sessions for families with kids take no longer than 2 hours just before kids will get tired and will start to be capricious.

Event photo sessions.

This type of photo sessions involving shooting of events organised on the island. The photographer creates lively, dynamic, interesting pictures for the viewer in accordance the existing conditions. Reportage photos taken by a professional are always filled with the feeling and atmosphere of the event.

Preparation to photo session in Bali.

It is always warm and sunny in Bali, please make sure that you have got enough of drinking water, use sunblock cream and wear comfortable shoes. Please use common sense in taking sun baths before photo session in order to prevent sunburn of your skin and drink sufficient amounts water as well. Think about images you want to visualise in your future photos - it is very easy to do it on the island where even stones might give you an inspiration! Short and long dresses are equally fine for the photo session. While planning the Love story photo session do not forget to pay attention to the clothing that your partner wears. It has been proven on my personal experience that issue of choosing a right clothing might confuse your boyfriend so there is a probability that he will choose sport shorts that will definitely make an ideal combination with your parade dress. I highly recommend to avoiding such situations. It means you have to do some choosing of clothing for you and your partner in the same style and colour gamma.

Places for photo sessions in Bali.

The island offers a rich choice of amazingly beautiful and unusual places, every corner of the island can easily become a right place for the photo session: - The secret beach in Gimbaran - wild beach with no people, it is a great find for wedding and love story photo sessions! High rocks, mighty cliffs, turquoise sea and snow-white waves perform as ideal natural scenery for romantic stories waiting to be caught on photos! - Tukad Unda - a river in the Klungkung area. There is a special place that perfectly tailored for a family photo shoot - it is a dam reminding a white curtain. You can jump and swim in this river, and the photographer will make sure to capture the most sincere emotions on your faces! - Spectacular Git-git waterfalls, with unique features and romantic legend. - Agung volcano, it offers a stunning view of the island and the ocean from the top, it is accessible to the bravest! - Gili Islands with solitary beaches, clear water and giant turtles, which you can swim with and take pictures! - Beaches Kuta beach, Legian, Seminyak, Nikko, rice terraces, the sea temple of Uluwatu, the cultural capital of Ubud, the islands of Lombok, Lembongan and many more beautiful cosy places!

Think about places, which one you like the most and photographer will turn your ideas and wishes to reality! No matter what place will you choose, you can be certain - photographer in Bali will help you to save your precious memories about your vacation and perpetuate experienced emotions not only in your memory but also in gorgeous photos.