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Wedding photographer

“Subtleties of wedding photography"

A good wedding photographer in Moscow as in any other city is extremely valuable. Hundreds of dilettante offer their services under the look of professional ones. As result - instead of quality and bright photos couple receives big disappointment.
Really decent photographer for a wedding it is a person with rich experience and love to his business as well as well as with big baggage of knowledge on the area of photography. it is a hard task to find such a photographer but it is not impossible.
It is important to remember that wedding photography it is specific and complicated genre so only professional that knows all the secrets of photography can successfully manage to do it. How exactly?

Multifaceted work

A good photographer for a wedding understands perfectly well that a wedding photo session includes both portrait and group photo. On the top for that, the photographer must independently "catch" the brightest moments of the evening, which can be compared with the reportage shooting, which also has a lot of difficulties.

Ability and willingness to help

There is nothing strange or surprising over here, wedding photographer it is not just a person taking photos for few hours and then providing shots to newly married. A good wedding photographer it is a companion and helper that can give a valuable advice about a composing of shot, assist to a bride in choosing a right pose and offer to the guests of celebration an idea for an interesting and bright photo.

Adequate approach towards to cost of services

Often when people hear about an objectiveness of price policy they are thinking about a low cost of work. In reality the adequate price for a wedding photographer - it is a sum that directly linked to a level of professionalism of a master.
It is relatively easy to define this level - you can have a look on the portfolio of wedding photographer or to get a feedback from his previous clients. Nonetheless, the cost of photographer for wedding in cases when a photographer is actually a master in his work will be relatively high. But in return, you will receive a confidence that photos of your wedding will be great and will bring the good memories to you through years.
But if the cost of hiring a photographer is too low it might bring you some suspicions and let you doubt the quality of these services. Also, it is important to consider that hiring of a wedding photographer in Moscow is slightly more expensive than in other cities.

Readiness for unexpectedness

Sadly no one is protected from unpleasant surprises. The sudden change of place of celebration, bad weather and many other unexpected things - a good wedding photographer must be prepared for everything.
A wedding photographer must be capable to find a solution to all these and other complicated situations that are unfortunately happening even on such a solemn day. In that case, a wedding photographer must guarantee to newly married that no matter what will happen they will get a result they expect.

Originality and creativityOriginality and creativity

No couple want to be like everybody else and good wedding photographer understands it well. The real professional in his work will offer to newlyweds a tremendous amount of different ideas and on the stage of editing and retouching, he will create unique shots that everybody will be happy with.
Because photographer it is an artist that is capable to turn your solemn event in real fairy-tale that is very pleasant to come back in again and again.

Wedding portfolio.


If you are ordering the service "photographer for a wedding" you will receive a full-fledged studio photo session as a gift.
Options to choose from are:
  • Family portrait
  • Photographing for pregnant women
  • Creative portrait